So, we have the in-laws down visiting at the moment. I’m lucky that I like my in-laws. I get along famously with my FIL. If it is possible to have a typical British ecentric, he’s one. Wild hair, can speak on just about any topic, and as a former forensic scientist, occasionally had the most interesting dinner conversation. I’ll never forget the night he lept from the table, hauled over his briefcase, and plopped a picture in front of me.

“Just doing this case, and I can’t help but think this picture’s been doctored. You know computers, how can we tell?” The picture was a close up of a male face with an axe sticking out of it.

Any way, food is a big part of my wife’s family, so I love rowing the boat out when they visit. Some meals very fancy, some the opposite. I did one this weekend that, if I do say do myself, was just spot on. Good ingredients done very simply can not be beat.

So, this was wild salmon fillets, steamed in white wine and fennel, served with fresh new potatoes and sprouting purple brocolli. Then put a tasty little chilled white on the side.(a secret wine I won’t divulge as it sells in limited quantities and I don’t want to miss my next case). Very hard to beat. Finish it off with a Rhubarb Crumble with home made Vanilla Ice Cream, and you have a fine meal indeed.

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