Kick Sids

So, last week Pirate Pete had a bought of a rather nasty vomiting illness. We assumed it was some mild food poisoning, and when the other two didn’t succumb within 48 hours, relaxed. It is a safe assumption that if something like that hasn’t passed on quickly, it won’t.

Relaxing and childhood illnesses are bad things. You can be certain that if you think everything is OK, it isn’t. Something is always lurking. Now, I admit a measure of luck, our kids are generally paragons of childhood health. So far (and I admit knocking on wood as I type), we’ve avoided anything really nasty. They’ve just had the range of sniffles, coughs, sneezes and tummy upsets that are frankly just a sign of a healthy immune system developing.

So, in this instance, we relaxed. Mistake, big big mistake. Friday night first Ali Baba, then my Princess both succumbed. At least, from the previous week, we’d worked out the routine. Any mess (and they were both tidier in their upchucks that Pirate Pete (he’d done his business from the top bunk of a bunk bed (it got everywhere))) was quickly tidied, towels were deployed, buckets placed conveniently.

Thing is, it’s a nasty one, lots of dry heaving. Both kids where stoic, but miserable. It also meant LL and I got little real sleep. Between the two of them, one was attempting to throw up the non-existent remains in their stomach about every half hour. Yes, we took turns, but you don’t really fall back asleep when you’re just waiting, listening for the sounds. I’m not sure I really understood the meaning of helplessness until I had kids. There are times that you can do nothing other than offer comfort.

All other plans for the weekend where duly changed. Guests deferred, todo lists re-evaluated to things that can be done around the house. I got a big (and nasty) DIY job done with only a few scrapes and bruises, more apples got processed and frozen, paperwork gone sorted. All in all, a quiet weekend with the family…

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