A funny old day

As a day it started out quite sad. One of our neighbours, a delightful old guy, passed away last week. All quite sudden, he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and died all within two weeks. His wife brought him home and cared for him throughout. All very sad. She wanted a small funeral, no fuss, so it was only immediate family and a small handful of friends.

Then it was straight off to watch Pirate Pete in his school swimming gala. He was one of a few chosen to represent his house. For those not of the British persuasion, schools here break the kids up into “houses”. Think Harry Potter and Gryphindor. Represents the old school concept of literally being part of the house you dormed in. This was no big event, but its important to him, so I was glad to be able to show up and watch him. He won his race, so was a very happy little boy.

Then I had to drop the Smart car off for its annual service before having to head back in to work. Normally I would have worked from home on a day like this, but this was the one day this week my new boss had free to meet since he stepped into the top job. I know it will be fine, but until you meet under the new circumstances, and get a feel for how the relationship will play out, its a bit unsettling. So, I blog to clear my mind and focus. Wish me luck!

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