Threats to our World

No, I don’t mean Global Warning. For those of you that don’t follow Petite Anglaise I’d suggest taking a wander over to her site. She is an excellent and honest writer, I truly enjoy her blog. She has kept it anonymous, but only lightly so. It contains no names, and only the meerest of reference to her location and job in Paris. No details that would completely identify her, except she has posted pictures of herself.

Her employer found out, and recently dismissed her for gross misconduct (ie immediately with no compensation). She is fighting it, but her employers were a legal firm, so its going to be a hard battle. This clearly has implications for all of us in this virtual world, whether anonymous or not. Though the case will be fought in France it will invariably invoke European human rights legislation, and will set precidence in the UK.

Keep yourself informed, offer help, money even. These sorts of things get expensive and she’s a single mother, now with no job. Unfairness in life is common, but this is absurd.

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