Rain rain go away

I know Bank Holidays are supposed to be wet (did you know there’s a scientific basis for that (has to do with a reduction in polution due to a lack of cars driving (appearently))), but that was an extremely wet one. There is always the Surrey County Show in Guildford that holiday Monday, and we always like going. Its a proper country show with livestock competitions, sheep dog trials, and horse jumping.

Needless to say it was a bit of a wash out. We didn’t go, more’s the pity. Everybody was bummed, so I made Canadian pancakes and broke out the Maple Syrup. It helped.

We then let the kids decide what else to do. They decided on kiddie decadence. A day in pjamas. You’ve got to love kids minds. So we let them laze about the house playing games, doing some painting, gameboys and even a movie on the telly.

I, however, cleaned out the garage and cooked three meals. Sigh… Sometimes being a middle aged dad with ‘responsibilities’ is a drag. When do I get a day in PJs watching a movie?

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