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So the surgery was odd, but easy. You go and sit on a nice comfy table, then your eyes get swabbed, then the eyelids tapped open, then it gets weird. Each eye in turn gets done. First they place a device directly on your eye, the world goes black, thenit cuts a flap off your cornea. I felt nothing other than pressure. It comes off, you have the odd site of the doctor directly swabbing your eye ball, then its a bit of flashy red light. The smell is the weirdest as it burns the lens into its new shape. Finally the flap gets put back, a protective contact lens is put in place and… voila. Its done.

You’re supposed to keep your eyes as closed a possible for the next while, and you have to wear funny shades to bed to stop you from rubbing your eyes. I slept well enough, and got up refreshed this morning. My eyes are a little sore, and things are still a bit blurry. Much improved, I can see long distances, but a bit blurry. Its a combination of the cornea being a bit swollen and the lens muscles readjusting. It is supposed to improve as the days go by. I shall keep you posted, but for now, all is well.

On another note I was about to post about how well its going with the new nanny. We really like her. She’s friendly, happy, and the arrangements with her bringing her little girl along some of the time seems to be going well. She’s picked up all the cleaning stuff, and its amazingly nice to come home to a tidy house every night. The kids are getting along with her as well, so all was seeming better than good.

Then… last night we had her in tears as she said she’d just found out she was pregnant! Seems she has a medical problem such that she doesn’t have a period per say, but had been feeling a little queer lately. Went into the doctor and found out she was 12 weeks pregnant! Completely unplanned, she said their birth control (thankfully without going into detail) must have failed.

Just our luck, to find someone we like, and likes us and the job, and… she’s pregnant! Still both trying to figure out what we do now…

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