Buck Rogers

I am a four eyes. Since the tender age of eight I have woken up, put on my glasses and effectively worn them until I took them off to go to bed. Day in, day out bar the odd day when they where broken, or to play sports I’ve had a bit of metal and glass sitting on my nose.

Today, bar a disaster, that is going to change. When laser surgery came out I had a friend in the field. I considered it, but as I’m not that bothered by my state, thought it safe to wait ten years to see what the long term effects where. Ten years somehow became twenty, but they changed the methodology in there somewhere, and still I waited.

Oddly enough I’ve just had a good number of friends who’ve ‘been done’ lately. One in particular had done a lot of research and interviewed 8 different doctors before settling on one. It seems the right time, especially if someone else has done the hard work.

So, later today I got to sit in a chair, have my eyelids be put into bondage, and to have a very precise light indeed shone into my eyes. The prognosis is, all going well, that I might end up with even better than 20/20 vision. We shall see… Literally.

I’m quite looking forward to a life with only two eyes. Glasses are a bit of a bother. They’re always needing cleaning and going out in the rain is a nuisance. I also can’t just buy those cool looking sunglasses.

I shall tell you how it goes tomorrow (or maybe the next day as it takes a bit of time for the brain to adjust (apparently)). Wish me luck!

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