I’m not overly fond of this ageing malarkey. It has it advantages, the buckets of experience and a generally better working mind are not things I’d cast aside. I’m also glad I became a father later in life as I think I’ve been better at it, able to enjoy it more than I would have if it had hit younger.

However, this body falling apart thing… There’s some seriously bad design in the system. I understand that one generation needs to depart so that the next can take over, but why for heaven sakes can’t we stay nice and fit and healthy until some little internal clock kicks in and we keel over? This gentle slide into decrepitude just isn’t on.

My latest failing was diagnosed earlier this week, gall stones. I mean really! Gall stones! Talk about a bodily failure to make you feel middle aged. Been checking about and there doesn’t seem to be any history in my family, so why its hit me I have no idea.

I have quite a high tolerance to pain. Its not that I don’t feel pain, its just that I can generally ignore it and carry on. Drives LL quite mad, she’s convinced my stoicism and unwillingness to bow to pain means I let things go too far (based on a slipped disc some years ago when I just kept going until I needed surgery and was left flat on my back for a couple months). She has a point I suppose.

This one has only been mildly annoying until recently. Last week it stepped up a notch. There’s these attacks of intense fluttering pain, like an uber stitch, in my side. At first I thought it was my appendix, but when I finally pulled myself away from work to visit my doctor… gall stones. So, now it’s a serious of tests to confirm and plan the fix.

A bloody nuisance this, I could quite do without this right now. Just what does my body think its doing? Gall Stones?

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