Plague House

We’re normally a pretty healthy house, but sometimes the bugs just win one over. First Ali Baba came down with a fevour then a bad cough (he had two days of school late last week), then Princess picked up the cough (but not the fevour) and spent the last two nights with the croup. So she’s not going to school today. Finally LL woke up with stomach cramps this morning. She’s soldering on in to work, but I’d lay money on her not making the day. She doesn’t complain unless on death’s door, so its not looking good.

I, however, seem to have escaped the worst (yes I knocked on my wooden desk just then). My eye sight seems to be settling down. Its goes occasionally blurry. Often I think because my eyes are quite gummy still. Sometimes because the poor muscles feel tired. However, I can read again, and I can see without glasses. A very odd sensation. I keep reaching up to straighten them, and walk around with the odd sensation that something’s wrong. Then I realise that my mind thinks I shouldn’t be seeing clearly. All very confusing, but in a good way.

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