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I am not, up to date that is. Having decided to give myself a bit of a bloggy break I’m finding it increasingly hard to get back into the swing of it. There’s no particular cause or angst, just time. Work is getting increasingly busy, though in the best of senses. I generally don’t blog at home, so there’s no time to be found there either.

Interesting this Times article. Though I pride myself on my techie edge, when at home I don’t multi-task. I like to play with the kids, talk to my wife, or just zone out to music, a book or a bit of telly. Surfing and telly and texting at the same time just isn’t relaxing. That’s what home is supposed to be, isn’t it? At work I can be doing five things at once. Since starting this post I’ve had a phone call, two people stop in the office, have dealt with a number of emails, and fixed a nephew’s iPod. At home though, I take it easier. Which is another reason I haven’t been blogging much.

Regardless, life continues. Despite the best of intentions, we spent the weekend at home. We had thought to go up to the Science Museum, but the traffic problems with the marathon put paid to that. Then we though of all going to a movie, but the kids couldn’t agree on one. I was going to take them fishing, but thunderstorms every half hour didn’t make that likely. So it was a bit of a home weekend. We’ve had a few too many of those lately. I feel guilty we don’t get out with the kids more, but then, life together at home isn’t all that bad.

Plans are continuing on building out extension. Its still looking good for starting in June. I still expect it to start later, this project has been a long long story of delays, why should it be any different now. Still, had been fun looking at bathroom fittings, and geothermal heating sources. I was reading up on solar power, but can’t make up my mind if its worth it or not in England. We could install enough to power our heating and some of the other house needs, but its bloody expensive. I’m still tempted though, as it gets us close to being carbon neutral. We’d attach it to the grid, then mostly take a “credit” in the summer as that’s when we’d generate the most power, then take it “back” in the winter. A bit of a cheat, but still tempting.

Work continues apace. I’m on the road a lot at the moment, which is part of the time deficit. I have such mixed feelings about business travel. It takes me away from home, which I hate. Yet I quite like meeting people in our local offices. I’d love to see more of the cities I travel to, but don’t get much chance of that. LL and I were talking this morning about how it would be nice if she could come with me some times. Problem is then she’d have to take time off work, and neither of us is very good at that.

Any way, I will try to post and visit you lot more often. Promise. Meanwhile life continues apace…

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