I’m blogging for Gay Paris today. Well, not so Gay, its overcast and a bit drizzly, so positively heterosexual. I always take the Eurostar when I come here, but yesterday was the first time I did St Pancras station.

Very mixed reviews. A grand lobby, and a nice big departure lounge, but no shopping. Plus the business lounge was positively spartan and small. I was very confused. Then you go up to the lovely Victorian concourse to get on the trains. Expect its only part Victorian and part modern industrial. The trains, unfortunately, are the same old ones and feel like a 1960’s version of the future. I was sat beside a rather large chap on a full train, so was squeezed into the window.

The obvious bigger plus is that it now takes slightly more than two hours to get to Paris. What an improvement. I’d stopped flying to Paris years ago, but now with a good half to three quarters of an hour shaved off the journey, its a delight. Just enough time to watch an episode ot Grey’s Anatomy, read the paper and have a meal. A very pleasant journey indeed.

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