Bloggin Break…

I’m going to need a short blogging break. I’m in the final week before my big mysterious project goes live, so life is rather hectic. I’ll post if I can, but otherwise will likely be a bit quiet for the next week or so.

My weekend was quiet. We puttered about the house. LL and I did a lot of talking so our tiff of last week is made up and history. The kids are in fine happy form, though my Princess has yet another cold. Her immune system is building up very nicely! Pity she gets a bit grumpy when she’s snuffly. I did a fine stew, and have been experimenting with oatmeal breads. I don’t know why it doesn’t get used more commercially, as a 3 part white flour, 2 part oatmeal mix makes for a fine tasty loaf of white bread that still has a lot of health benefit.

Anyway, I’ll be out visiting as I can, otherwise see you in a week.

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