Snow Beautiful Snow

It was meant to be a fun weekend. Get away from the house, go do something. Origionally we thought we’d go do the tour of Tower Bridge, but the kids weren’t interested. They wanted to go see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. Then we heard about the torch relay thing and thought better of the traffic mess. The final plan was to head over to Hampton Court Palace as Ali Baba had been with school and had enthused about the way cool medieval kitchens (go figure, but they are my kids (and those kitchens are way cool)).

But we woke up to this. We were going no where! BMWs don’t like snow and we have two steep drives to navigate without even thinking of the chaos on the roads.

Not that anyone complained. Snow men, hot chocolate, snowball fights, a nice fire burning in the parlour, and indoor games like the kids making up a play complete with songs were the order of the day.

A pity we had to wait until April for a day of proper snow. Pity its all gone bar the snow men! It was still a fun weekend though…

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