Physical Sunshine

Our garden is a bit of a birds paradise. We have owls, swallows, woodpeckers (two different species), pigeons, doves, blackbirds, crows, a cock pheasant who acts as if he owns the place, finches and tits of every type and description and quite a few transients I occasionally fail to recognise. Generally, this is a good thing.

Except… for growing berries. We have a running war going on with the pigeons and blackbirds over the various berries we grow (of which we grow many). I’ve tried different types of netting, scarecrows, CDs hung and draped about, acoustic scarers, you name it. I have even occasionally dropped to new lows and got the rifle out. At best we split the balance 50:50.

Usually I just grind my teeth and bare it, but this year is worse. My god, the strawberries… With all this sunshine they are just sunshine in your mouth. Small orgasmlets of pleasure shivering through your body as they literally melt in your mouth. Pure soft flavour, rounded and sweet. I begrudge every single one a bird gets that I or my family don’t.

I may have to resort to bird traps…

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