Small Pleasures

Its funny, when I came back to this blog and have read my old post, I think the most common phrase I used was “It was a lovely weekend”. Well, it was a lovely weekend. Saturday we had some old friends come visit. LL and I are classic introverts. Friendly, happy, but not the most outgoing. These two are classic extraverts. Loud, boisterous and always always a good laugh. A nice lunch, a couple bottles of beer, then a rather nice red to go with the lamb, and we probably didn’t stop story telling and laughing for about five hours. They bring us out of ourselves, and seemingly enjoy our company.

We used the bank holiday to go visit a grand house courtesy of the National Trust, Petworth House. A very middle class thing to day, but we dragged she formerly known as princess along, and she enjoyed it too. Mix that all up with a long walk and a fine National Trust sandwich and it made for a good day.

Fill that in with some gardening and housework in the spare moments and it was a rather lovely weekend.

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