Necessary Luxuries

Can a necessity be a luxury, or do we just become so used to little luxuries they feel necessary?

I know I have various privileges. That’s a discussion for another day. However, our house had a persistant problem that we lived with for over 25 years. The kitchen sink, though as the crow flies was really very close to the hot water tank, as the pipes run it was hugely distant. The pipes ran up to the roof, then back down again, part was down the cavity between the two layers of brick in an outer wall. To get hot water into the sink, you’d turn it on, then sit back and wait for 10 minutes. The minute you turned it off it would start to cool in the pipes, and if you wanted more it was the whole procedure yet again. Hugely wasteful in time and water.

I finally had enough and researched local instant hot water. I don’t do things by half measure, so went what many would consider a bit overboard. The latest tap in our kitchen does hot water, it does mains cold water, it does boiling water, it does filtered cold water, and it does fizzy cold water.

Turning on the tap to just have hot water is just a vast relief. Doing away with the kettle and getting boiling water instantly is just wonderful. Cold filtered fizzy water on tap? Who knew that would become a necessity? LL and I both agree we drink more water because of it, and enjoy it too. Add a splash of elderflower cordial and you’ve got cold fizzy elderflower. It is a luxury that has quickly become a necessity.

Who knew?

2 thoughts on “Necessary Luxuries”

  1. If a thing is worth doing, it might as well be done as lavishly as possible. I’m seriously considering buying a machine to grind coffee beans, that costs over £200, which is ludicrous. I drink one cup of strong black coffee a day. But my coffee grinder isn’t effective unless I grind enough for at least 3 days, so I might as well buy ready-ground. This one does it cup by cup.

    1. Then definitely worth it. That’s it exactly, sometimes that luxury becomes something you use every day!

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