So, both of us full of cold, we had promised to take the kids to LegoLand yesterday, so take them we did. Normally I love LegoLand, its an easy day out. Yesterday though? Well, it was raining as we drove there, raining as we got out of the car, and raining as we walked down to see miniland (love what they did with London though, I would kill for the job of being a LegoLand modeller).

Still, the kids where happy, and despite it being Good Friday the queues for the rides weren’t too bad. That is, so long as you’re not with Ali Baba, the incesant wee meister. Half an hour we stand in the queue for the Lego Driving School, half an hour. Just as we’re about to be let into the gates of Heaven to have pictures taken for Lego driving licenses… “Daddy… I need a wee.”

There was no helping it, so we barge backwards past the queue. LL being off with the Princess for the smaller rides, there was no helping it. Queue busting in reverse is the only queue busting you get complimented for in this country.

It was a good day though, and with a curry picked up on the way home for dinner, it was a good way to end it odd. Nothing like a good curry to help cure a head cold.

Woke up this morning feeling just a little bit better, though I could have done not being woken up by a four stone cannon ball. Still, it took little encouragement to get our wee ones to go downstairs and play for a bit. It took even less encouragement to get LL to curl up beside me.

It took a little more encouragement for me. Bloody cough, does me in every time. Still, with a little amusement from LL, and a little bit more help as well, she finally spooned up facing away, and life started to return to normal. I’d thought I was up for only a slow lazy screw, but it had been five days so ended up a little bit faster than harder than thought.

No complaints though.

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