I still have a hed code

Another of the things I hate about a head cold (other than yesterday’s post that is), is that my brain doesn’t work as well. I find some of this very hard to describe, and is not something I’ve seen my betters put to word either. My brain works in multi track. There is always the task at front of house. The conversation I’m having, book I’m reading, the movie I’m watching. That’s always the most important, but rarely takes up 100% of my attention.

That doesn’t mean I day dream, I rarely loose track of what I’m doing, but a slew of other stuff is going on in my head. The hardest to describe is only semi conscious. Its not thought in pictures or words, but is a flow of interconnected information. I’m aware of it, and can nudge it in different directions. It often informs and changes what’s going on front of house.

Beyond that there is usually an internal conversation going on. I have to be careful with these ones, and they can be very real to me. I can be discussing something with LL, or a friend or my parents or… I’ve been caught out before when I’m sure I told someone something, only to later figure out, and get caught out, when I only told the virtual them that exists in my head.

There is a running soundtrack to my life. Music is playing continually in my head. Sometimes its something I’ve heard, sometimes I’m jammin along to my own tunes. One of these days I’ll try scoring something up, though I suspect the rest of the world would go “Huh? That’s not music”.

Finally, there is the internal porno channel. I have a constant multi media stream of absolute filth running through my brain. Forget this thinking about sex every eight seconds rubbish, I’m very rarely not thinking about sex. People would likely be shocked if they knew what was going on in my head with my virtual wife and a virtual cast of thousands whilst I discuss the finer points of European Data Protection with a room full of marketing dullards as to why they really can’t use people’s credit data to identify and sell them something (sorry, this mornings problem. I mean really. (Be afraid people, be very afraid. At my command I can access your most intimate details. (Good thing I’ve got morals))).

Thing is, I have a head cold, and the sound track to my life, and the Boy’s own porno channel is currently showing static.


Though LL said she was feeling better this morning…

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