The Sureal

So the sun is blazing down for the first time in weeks and I’m at home. SN needed a day off, so I’m officially on a working holiday. My mobile rings every half hour, I’ve had 43 emails come in, but mostly I’m managing to focus on my little princess. We’re having lunch out on the terrace, and its gorgeously warm. I’m surrounded by flowering plants (the first strawberries will be ripe soon). Beside me is princess, and on my plate I’ve slices of fresh baked bread made this morning, two types of ham, three types of cheese, a pile of my father in law’s green bean relish, and a pile of fresh veg. Life is not so bad. The mix of office and home is a weird mix, and adds to my second day of uber reality.

Yesterday was one of those puffed out chest, proud moments. The boys where in their annual school amateur dramatics. Very amateur I might add, and with a wiff of the surreal. Seeing your son in a grass skirt as king of the islanders, sway his hips and sing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” is one of those moments when you don’t know whether to cheer wildly or laugh uproariously (I cheer of course). He even got the whistle right.

These things always get to me. So much effort goes into the costumes, the set (the cardboard palm trees and “realistic” pirate ship were works of art), the lines, singing and dancing must have had the teachers at it for days. All for a bunch of under sevens their moment in the foot lights. Then the way they stand proudly when there is the obligatory standing ovation at the end is a delight.

I’m sure one but a relation of the children in question could really enjoy a child’s play. They, in terms of art, are atrocious. However, yesterday, over the period of an hour, I turned off my adult sensibility and delighted in my children being children.

PS. More rude stuff over here. Its a departure in being a fantasy written one night when I was downstairs and alone doing the washing up while LL was upstairs head burried in books. It is very rude, so you are warned. Got LL excited when I whispered it in her ear later though…

PPS. Ignore the look of the other website. I’m upgrading and playing and and and… New look soon, though tell me if you have any problems with it (P. the safari thing should be fixed)

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