I think Easter is my favourite holiday. Not that I don’t like any holiday, but it’s a slower, easier one. There’s little expectation, and its more focused on immediate family than anything else. This one was a little quieter than normal as both LL and I suffered from a lingering cold, but to have four days alone with our kids is a real luxury these days.

We didn’t do much, a trip to LegoLand, swimming, lots of Gardening and a few long walks, lots of good meals. It’s a slow pace, really quite lovely. There really is little better than being out in the garden with the kids. Sometimes we play with them, sometimes they help us with small chores (they each have their own bit of veg garden and a few flowers to take care of), otherwise we just amble around each other doing our own thing.

I particularly like getting them out for on their bikes. We have a long stretch of drive, essentially car free, which they can barrel up and down. They love it, though I can’t wait for the day their a bit older and we can bike out along the dirt tracks that surround us. For now I am content to walk (and occasionally race) alongside them. Ali Baba was particularly amusing as he pretended to be a break down train, hooting as he sped past to save another set of passengers.

We even went to Church. Both LL and I have an ambivalent relationship with Christianity. She rebels vocally and loudly against its patrician nature. I find I can not believe in a all seeing all controlling god. Someday I’ll return to discuss my philosophy, but I am not a traditional Christian. Yet we both love worship. There is something deeply satisfying about a holy service in a place where man has struggled to adore something bigger than himself. The singing, the organ (I love a good organ that can rattle your bones, we have a fine thumping one in our local Church), the rolling verse of the bible. It serves a purpose, and though we don’t go weekly, or even monthly, its good to go.

So, all in all, a fine long relaxing weekend.

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