Just one of those weeks

So, I was travelling Monday night, home very late Tuesday night due to BA, Last night I attempt to get home early, am thwarted by rain and slow trains, find the kids asleep and LL doing one of her rare late nights at work.

At least tomorrow I’m staying home to see Ali Baba’s Christmas play. He has a lead part as an Ofstead School inspector, and how that relates to Christmas I’m very intrigued to find out. This weekend is social too with some friends coming over, so all is not desperate yet.

What does get me is blogging. I don’t blog at the weekends, that’s family time. Not usually a problem as all you lot don’t blog much then either, so there’s no major catch up Monday morning. Yet I find it hard to blog when I’m travelling, too much going on and often poor internet access. So I came back yesterday to find my blog role filled with posts! I can’t catch up. Falling behind is such a chore, and this shouldn’t be a chore. I’ll catch up somehow, I’m sure I will, but just how do we keep this fun rather than work?

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