Funny the things that cause domestic conflict. This Friday is my Princess’ first nativity play. She is a firework, and has been excitedly practicing her dances and songs. However, her school has decreed that only 2 family members can attend. To be fair, they do have a small auditorium, but this is excessive.

My in-laws will be down visiting, plus the boys will be off school, and we have a proud nanny to contend with. I’m currently out of the country, so last night I got a hot blast in the ear down the phone line. It appears our nanny has declared UDI, and will be going to the Nativity. She feels the grandparents can babysit the boys, and one of us is always working so what’s the bother?

This did not go down well with my dear LL. We’d both been looking to take the day off, as we do always try to have both of us there for these things. LL was going to have a go at the school to make sure we could arrive with a little more than 2, but I suspect muggins here will have to take care of the boys to keep family peace. I’d really love to see my Princess do her dances and songs, but harmony between my wife and nanny is of far greater importance.

Besides, I’m sure I can request a private performance…

PS, back in the UK shortly, so somehow will catch up on all this blogging that’s been going on…

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