Why I hate commuting, Reason 2,345

OK, so I’m not sure flying to Milan counts as commuting, but its work related, so the title stands.

I don’t know what’s going on with BA at the moment, but they seem in real disarray. I haven’t had a flight with them in the past four months where something hasn’t gone wrong. I’ve been downgraded, had a flight canceled, and have had stupid delay after stupid delay. I don’t mean the unavoidable Heathrow pileups (which are inevitable), but weird things.

Take yesterday, the flight boards on time but an embarrassed sounding Captain came on and said the luggage loader had burst a hydrolic pipe and spilled oil all over the tarmac. Sure enough, out the window, it was a BA branded device. That meant waiting for it to be cleaned up, and for us to be towed before he could start the engines.

Which then meant we missed our take off slot, therefor our Heathrow Landing slot, and we had a 40 minute delay until we got a new one. Once over London, there was the usual wait to land, then once we landed a delay until they could find us a parking slot. Once we got to the parking slot the very embarrassed captain came on yet again to say he could move into the parking slot until someone turned off the “do not enter” transponder. It was also a tarmac spot, which meant being bused into the terminal.

All in all, a one and a half hour delay on the flight. Over the past four months I figure I’ve lost over 25 hours to flight delays, a whole day just sat in an airplane or airport not doing very much at all. Time that I could have had at home or in the office.

I’m not very happy with BA at the moment…

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