I’m back…

We had a lovely holiday. A week first in Shaldon in Devon, and a second week in Fowey in Cornwall. Even the weather was good. We only had one drizzly day, and a few overcast days, but mostly it was fine. Three whole days where spent in the sun on the beach, so can’t complain at all.

All the usual amusements where had. We did crazy golf, visited museums, did steam trains and boat trips, and hit a couple gardens. Didn’t find the gnome museum, but did see an alarming number of gnomes. We started to keep count, they are taking over you know.

The kids got to watch enough telly to fill them up for a year, ate too many chips and ice creams and generally had a grand old time. The adults got to see at least a few things they liked, had children who behaved well enough when we went out to eat at nice restaurants and got to do things like read books at watch movies.

I can highly recommend both Shaldon and Fowey, both are great villages to stay in. Both had really good bakeries, and the French have nothing on a good warm roll or Danish for breakfast in the morning. There where pubs galore, and some truly fine restaurants.

The only real downside was beds. We where renting cottages, both of which were frankly pretty nice. The place they skipped on cost was mattresses. The beds where abysmal. So, despite ending the two weeks feeling pretty relaxed and good, I’m tired and have a sore back, as does LL. Can’t have everything I suppose, but it’s the only mild complaint on a generally really good holiday.

I’ve got a last week of work at the old job, then straight into the new next week. A bit of a shame that, I was hoping to take this week off, but my current employers wanted me back for a last bit of handover, and I’m keen to start the new job, so off I go.

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