See you soon!

I’ve had two boring days at work, and fully expect another one today.


I haven’t had many boring days. Its all been a life of crisis and controversy and politics, and frankly, it all gets a but much after a while. I fully expect I’m jumping from one frying pan into another, but this time I have one less boss above me, and will have pretty free rein. Quite looking forward to it really.

Now though, another boring day, then holidays! LL was bemoaning the fact we decided to do England again this year, but we had a really good time last year. True, the rain may have put paid to the idea of lazing on the beach making sand castles (though I still hold hope that we’ll have at least a couple sunny days), but there will be other things to do.

Some friends of ours kept to a rule down in Cornwall of heading off in random directions then also randomly choosing in advance if they’d turn off for the 2nd, 5th or 8th tourist direction sign. Said they came across all sorts of weird and wonderful things from owl sanctuaries to a Gnome collection (god save the British eccentric). I think we will do some of the same. There may even be a day or two with our feet up, popped corn and a movie or two.

Not having the stress of airports and transfers will do me just fine this time. A good down time holiday is just what’s called for. So, I won’t be posting for a while. Enjoy yourselves, don’t do anything I wouldn’t, and we shall catch up in a couple weeks.

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