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I promised myself I wasn’t going to go on so much about my kids, but hey, its my blog and I can brag if I want to. If endless self congratulation about one’s children bores you, please stop reading now.

We went up to the British Museum yesterday to do the Terracotta Warriors. Being a tad hopeful, we went up early to see if we could tempt the kids with some of the more interesting galleries. Well, it worked in spades. We had an afternoon of drifting from exhibit to exhibit, the kids often scampering ahead to see what delight was next. I was so pleased with Ali Baba, who’s just kind of cracked the reading thing. You know, that stage when they go from laboriously working out each word to suddenly getting it and reading. I lost count of the number of times he’d haul me over to tell me excitedly that this was a “Hand Carved Ivory Pen Case. Its fancy, but just like I have for school isn’t it daddy?”

Princess was enthralled with the gold sparkly things, but even her older brother was indulgent enough to let himself be pulled over to look at a set of rings. When I then explained what signet rings where, he then hauled over his brother to relay the info.

Yes, it was a museum, but it was fun. Both LL and I love our history, and being able to see that enthusiasm picked up is just such a treat. Having three kids actively enjoy looking in dry duty display cases, how cool is that?

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