Joyeux Noel

Its my last day of work, then off until the new year. I won’t be blogging so this last post of the year may ramble and rumble a bit as I muse. For the most part, its been a good year. LL, despite the frantic global markets, is feeling valued and enjoying her job. The kids are all happy and settled at school. I’m now well into the new job, and even with the inevitable surprises am really looking forward to next year. I’m about to have a week off traveling up to spend with my Brother in Law and family. Their kids are only a bit older than ours, and they all get along famously.

Yet, heading into the holidays I have this nagging feeling of trepidation. My wife’s family all have fairly volatile tempers. This risk of family argument is high. Though I know well enough to stay nice and clear, there is always fall out. Kids to re-assure, a wife depressed or in a state of high dudgeon to watch for. From history, if it explodes it takes a couple days to calm back down. Its low risk this year, LL gets on very well with her Brother, and her parents will not be with us full time. The siblings with whom tempers run high will only be about a little. Yet the egg shells are still there.

It looks like we’ve found a builder to work with on the extension. We’re going with a smaller independent team, and will effectively be acting as prime contractor ourselves. So, instead of having one big firm to have one contract we’ll have to be more closely involved. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, its up to us to keep costs in line, and the lead project manager we’re engaging come very highly recommended. It just does mean there will be a bit more stress and bother to live with.

LL and our Nanny seem to have hit a rocky patch. NativityGate was a symptom of a broader issue brewing. In many ways our Nanny is good. She works long hours without complaint, she’s picked up extra duties now all three kids are in school, and mostly remains cheerful and helpful. However, there is an undercurrent going on between her and LL. LL sometimes feels got at, like she’s at fault on a host of little things, real or not. On the reverse, my dear wife has a long standing tendency to tell rather than ask. From personal experience, this can grate emotionally, and build up.

I have to find a way to defuse this, lay the ground work for a change, or there’s going to be train wreck with hard feelings on all sides. It fills me with dread, because reconciling two strong willed women is no easy task. I also, personally don’t want to loose her. However, I’m secondary in this relationship. Mother and Nanny have to work together and get along, if that relationship is broken, its broken. We have to be fair and reasonable, but if it ends in a change, it ends in a change. I just hope I can dig into it enough to get them both happy again.

There’s also a cold wind economically blowing. Though I don’t think either of LL or my job’s are at risk, the one certain thing in employment is no thing is certain. We’re OK financially, if one of us lost a job, we could batten down and not make huge changes. I’d just rather not have to go down that road, so its time to keep a close ear to the ground.

All those are worries, they are balanced by much hope and joy. The year, with luck and a little hard work, could turn out fantastically. In the end, living a life full and happy is the best one can hope for. My chances of that a very good indeed. Rough winds are blowing true, but I’m a good captain. The chance of making it to port is pretty damn good.

So, from this boy and his family to all of you. May the winds in your life blow gently and true. If a gale springs up in your life, may you find the strength and courage to navigate through it. Always remember, that in the end, life is good. You sometimes have to search hard for that, but never let yourself forget. Life is good.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

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