I’ve been away

Which is an understatement. Its been a whole decade since I last seriously blogged. I find myself at a change in life, and am going to try again. So much in my head that I want to get out. So much that has gone on.

How to catch up what as happened? I am still with LL, but we are now officially empty nesters. The kids are well, two graduated from uni, one employed, one looking (just got a pub job though), our daughter just having started the long slog of a medical degree. They have been the most fun to be around in their growing up and all are beautiful people to know.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. The nature of my job is that I do my time then am politely asked to move on. That is mostly good, but I am back looking for a new job. Hence time for blogging again. LL and I have had our ups, and definitely downs, but are finding out way to couple without kids at home.

My mother and LL’s father both passed away. Mum left just before Covid hit, and all of my sisters and I have felt the same thing, that she would have absolutely totally hated lock down. It is never a blessing for someone to leave, but the time of leaving can in a very little way, perhaps be one.

Details and gaps to be filled anon. So… let us re-begin…

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