That time of year

In our garden we have some very venerable Rhubard. The parent plant came out of my wife’s Grandfathers parents farm up in Fife via a couple other locations. Heaven only knows how old it was then. Needless to say it is a good strong plant, and grows near perfect Rhubard. Now is the time of year when its at its best, tender and young. We place pots over the plants in the winter, so that when it grows, it does it without light, and stays very soft and red.

I love Rhubard. Family lore has it that my mum first fed it to me when I was just a babe. I’d screw my face up at the taste, then open my mouth for more. I’ve certainly loved tart things ever since, and it remains one of my favourite vegtables. Right now is when I get to bake one of my all time favourite dishes, Rhubarb Crumble. There is little better than a pot full, straight out of the oven and served with Vanilla Ice Cream.

I also like experimenting, and this weekend tried out a dish that will become a new favourtie. A Rhubard and Lemon Soufle. It was incredibly yum, and the family ate it all down until not a crumb remained. The recipe is here in case you want to give it a go.

Any way, wasn’t that just a fine bank holiday weekend? Most of it spent out doors, and even the long list of chores didn’t dent my enjoyment of it. The garden is looking just fine, with the apple trees in blossom, and Blue Bells everywhere. How was yours?

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