A week ending

I could get used to these three day weeks. I’ve been very tired this week, having to recover from my holiday. Perhaps worry about my family has had a factor in the exhaustion as well. Still, its back to the weekend.

Its Ali Baba’s birthday this weekend. We’ve got a bowling party lined up with 16 of his nearest and dearest friends. We keep wondering when the party’s will drop down to reasonable sizes, but then get all soft when he keeps wanting to invites someone else. I like that he has so many friends he wants to invite. A bowling party is fairly easy too. All we have to organize is baking a cake, they’ll be having pizza afterwards, so even that is easy.

Our nanny called me up this afternoon in tears. She wants to move on. The half housekeeper / half nanny just didn’t feel right to her. I suspect some of the tension with LL is playing a factor in all this, but we did know that the move from a little one at home all the time to three in school might not work. Her biggest worry was my not thinking she was being disloyal. She doesn’t have a new job yet, so we can figure out together what the transition will be like.

Now we have to figure out what’s next. Ideally we hire a housekeeper who’s willing to do school runs and afternoons with the kids. The trick is going to be finding someone like that. They are supposed to exist! The weekend will be spent talking it all through, as well as sorting out a young boy’s party.

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