potentilla from over there, asked if I could post a recipe for one my breads. She postulates the theory of slothful cooking, which I is a philosphy I aspire to, I just didn’t have the name for it! Thanks dear. I also heartily agree with the Girl that food should be a full on, sensual experience that touches you deeply.

Though I create dishes all the time, I have never in my life tried to write one up. They sit in my head until next I cook. I’m game though, and if there’s an interest I’ll post other recipes as I mention them. Food, and indeed cooking are a central part of my life (two steps down from my family, and one step down from… ehem… sex), so it feels right to comment.

However, rather than clutter up my blog, I’ll post them over here as and when. If its of use, let me know, I hate shouting to an empty room…

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