Remember, remember… damn, done that before

You know youve been blogging for a while when you blog about any annual event and its not even your second go. Still, its a good one.

Bonfires. The village just south of ours puts on a doozie. Location? Perfect, the event happens in a lovely little glade. The bonfire itself is about four stories high. It gets built with a remarcably animated Guy. He rides boats, climbs walls and these year had a rugby football in his lap as he watched the telly (which exploded rather nicely when the fire got going).

Then there’s the fireworks. The lads prepare for ages. They make their own St Catherine’s Wheel’s, at least one of which fizzles out and fails spectacularly. Then there is the skits. Little cartoons acted out with firework characters. They are brilliant, always hilarious as much as for the failures as the successes. This year’s highlight, Johnie Wilkinson kicking a football which literally rocketed through goalposts which burst into flame.

Finally, the fireworks. I don’t know who they source from, but they are brilliant. I’ve seen a lot over the years (I mean a lot, I’m a wizz bang junkie), and these are top notch ones. The finaly, set off way back which beautifully illumunates the woods, just made my jaw drop. Really something else these were. All finished with a sparkling waterfall of sparks strung up high between some trees and the woods illuminated by flares.

We go every year and the kids disect and discuss what they liked the best for days afterwards. I almost didnt mind the housework the next day. Almost…

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