There are so many interesting things on the web, its hard to keep track and find them all. I must declare a bit of an interest in this place, but I won’t go into why. Its just cool.

Go here.

The Times newspaper is the oldest still running English language newspaper. It has been at the forefront of the news for a long long time. Even today, with declining revenues, it has a massive editorial and journalistic base, with some of the best writers around. If its of interest, its probably been covered.

The link above takes you to a new venture for the newspaper. They have put the entire archive, back to 1785, online. It is all scanned and transformed into text. There is a full time editorial team now diving through it to find pieces of interest, and to update the landing page each day. In there you’ll find interviews with Hitler, pieces by Dickens, reportage of every major scientific discovery, on the spot pieces of any conflict you can think of. It is a treasure trove, and a serious time waster.

Go, have fun, and please tell me what you think.

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