Surprising Things

Imperatrix did this first, and as I’m idea blind at the moment, it seems like a fun post. So, eight things not everyone knows about me…

  1. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. Greavsie thought this was quite surprising about Barbarella, but it feels perfectly normal to me. I’ve just done it again to prove that I can.
  2. Can you do the Vulcan “Live long and prosper” thing (hold your hand out and spread two fingers to either side making a “V”)? Now, make both hands do it. Then, with one hand bring the two centre fingers together leaving the two outer ones spread making two “V”s. Finally, make each hand change to the other style at the same time. Its my party piece, and invevitably makes someone comment that I am freakish, which is, of course, true.
  3. I grew up in an urban commune. Really. My parents decided they wanted an alternative lifestyle, so at the tender age of 12 we moved into a large “co-operative”. This was a purpose built structure where each “pod” had 8 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a shared kitchen and living room. Looking back it was a pretty odd teenage life, but at the time, felt fine. My parents, being a vicar and his wife, where the conservative stable ones with an income, and we lived with an odd assortment of quite eccentric individuals.
  4. Despite having quite green credentials I have two failings. Firstly, I’m a bit of a car nut. I have owned 15 vehicles over the years, including 4x4s and sports cars. My biggest petrol monster was a 5.6L V12 Jaguar XJS, that was pure pleasure on wheels to drive, but needed pushing into a garage if you frowned at it the wrong way. I am currently serving penance in a 0.6L inline 3 cylinder Smart car (with a soft top, heated leather seats and flappy paddle gear shifting! (A petrol head has to keep to certain standards)).
  5. I have been lucky enough over the years to drive pre-production prototypes of the Lotus Elise (my best ever most favourite drive), Jaguar XKR and X Type, and the last BMW M5 on their respective manufacturor test tracks.
  6. Our honeymoon was 2 weeks in a sail boat around the Galapagos. It was pure magic. Through various circumstances we had the boat to ourselves and five crew. Too many stories for one bullet point, but I did get to prove my manliness and scare off a curious hammerhead shark when we were scuba diving (which isn’t hard actually, but it sounds good and impressed LL).
  7. People in Britain, including my dear wife, seem to think it odd that I like chips (or chunky Fries for you yanks) with gravy and cheese curds. I don’t understand why, because its delish! LL has point blank refused my teaching this to the kids, even though she’s got them hooked on Marmite!
  8. I once lost my wedding ring. I was walking along whilst on holiday, doing as I’d always done and twiddling with it (I’m an inveterate fiddler, me) and it dropped into a ravine. I didn’t tell LL for days I was so embarressed (I don’t embaress easily). Today is out 10th wedding aniversary, and I woke up to her putting a new ring on my finger. I was very very touched.

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