The Great and the Good

For my sins I am a trustee for an old and established charity. It is one I was involved with many decades ago, and I was very pleased to be able to come back and join the trustee board. Like many old charitable instutitions it has a legacy of a patch of London (including a lovely garden), to support its activities.

The board just spent the weekend away to both get to know each other and discuss strategy. I’m the new boy, so it was pretty key for me. LL came as well, there were a few other spouses brought along. All in all, both an enjoyable and productive session. We particularly focused on one aspect of the charity, and I think it was valuable to have that time to talk.

What struck me most though was how “establishment” it all is. The board comprises a former member of the Royal Household (quite senior at that), a senior judge, various accounting & law firm partners, a former ambassador, a self made million(possibly billion)aire, a banker and lil old me.

Does that make me part of the establishment? Eeek!

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