Have had the in laws down for a visit. They wanted to see the kids in the various xmas spectaculars. It was a thankfully easy visit. LL and her mother don’t always get along nicely, but this time was OK. I always get along with my father in law, so it was good to see him again.

Princess had her play on Friday. She was a firework and performed brilliantly though sadly her ability to carry a tune doesn’t quite keep up to enthusiasm. She does keep the beat though and I think we’ve got a dancer on our hands. It was all pretty cute.

Pirate Pete went off to his first Cub Camp this weekend. He’s had a couple of sleep overs with Friends but this felt different. I felt quite emotional when I dropped him off. He, of course, was more interested in the football card trading. At pick up he was very tired, but seemed to have had a good time. He was a bit emotional later though, so the tired was very very tired.

All in all a nice weekend though.

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