Weekend Social

That was a very social weekend. Friday night was LL’s summer work’s do. A very refined affair, what else would you expect from a hedge fund? A jazz band hidden behind a curtain, champagne cocktails (lethal, champers mixed with brandy and fresh strawberries), unlimited little starters circulated amongst the crowd (a crab and cucumber thingy will be added to the boys list of experiments, yum), then a bang up meal and a bit of dancing afterwards.

Poor LL worked herself into a bit of a state. As with any human endeavour, hierarchy matters, and we were sat at a table of misfits (not emotionally, just people who don’t have a natural group). Her problem is not having a direct team around her, but she works with people in offices around the world. Her boss was obviously nervous about it (I know my wife well, she can have a rather… direct way of making her displeasures known), and came by with big smiles to assure her she’d really enjoy the people she was with rather than sitting next to him like she does all day.

Funny thing office politics, and this instance really bothered her. I personally think it was fairly innocent, he didn’t read like a man doing a deliberate put down. Not an easy thing to convince LL of though. Still, we had a lovely evening in the end. Despite being misfits we enjoyed the people we were sitting with.

Next day was one of errands and birthday party trips in the morning, and our village fete in the afternoon. LL and I quite guiltily don’t involve ourselves in the running of the fete (in our defence we do do other things locally), but we always go. It was a good one this year, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. They also did brilliantly in the kids sporty things, winning both the wheelbarrow race and the sprint, and even came second in the three legged race. Child prodigies my boys.

Sunday was a very relaxed afternoon having lunch over at a friends. Lots of pims, far too much BBQ’d food as they’d just bought an all singing and dancing gas BBQ and wanted to put it through its paces. Still the kids had fun, and the parents got nicely sozzled in the sunshine. I felt relaxed enough to tackle washing the conservatory roof when we got home (another chore I’m not fond of). Perhaps a mistake in my state of inebriation, but it worked.

So, all in all, I quite liked that weekend.

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