10 Words

This meme game came from Pixie. The idea is simple. She, having done the game, asked for volunteers. I did, she gave me a letter, and now I have to come up with ten words starting with that letter that have personal meaning. So, if you want to play, leave a comment.

Daddy – The first one that came to mind. I love being a dad. From an early age I knew it was something I wanted, and though I started late (LL and I were in our mid thirties when we had number one son), its been worth it. I have travelled a lot, done many things, made one or two accomplishments, but the thing I am most proud of is my children. Mushy, I know, but true.

Darling – LL and I have what can be safely called a good marriage. Not perfect, we’ve had our black times, and raising kids while holding down two careers is anything but easy. Still, we’ve hit our tenth year together, and I fully expect many more. I know many things will yet change, and we may experiment with our sexuality, but I know we’ll only do it in a way that keeps us together.

Daisy – I suppose I’d call myself a reluctant gardener. My father kept lots of plants in the house, and we had an allotment when I was younger, but I was city bred. We didn’t have a garden, so though I got my finger’s dirty as a child, it was an occasional thing. LL is an ardent gardener, it is one of her passions. We have a house with a biggish plot, and its been landscaped, nurtured and filled with plants of all varieties, and I love it. I can’t say it will ever be the passion for me it is for LL, but I like getting my hands dirty, and I love, really love, taking a cup of tea and walking outside or sitting on the terrace and looking at all the green loveliness.

Dry – An autonym now, as I can’t think up the right word (this is tougher than it looks). I love getting wet, my mum used to joke that I have gills. I swam competitively when young, worked as a life guard on the beeches in Vancouver, have scuba dove the oceans (and lakes, a couple rivers, some caves…) of the world. I’ve taught both swimming and diving, and like nothing better to be in the water

Dredge – a good piece of beef through some spiced flour. Only do this after having marinade it in wine & worchester overnight. Have your pan spitting hot, then fry quickly so that the dusting doesn’t burn, but the meat gets that layer of dark crustiness mixed with its own juices. Cooking, one of my passions. I like nothing better than to be in my kitchen making a meal for those I love.

Drink – I do love my tipple. There can be little to compare to a good aged red, a fine whisky or a little top up of port. I’m not a daily drinker, I can go weeks without touching the stuff. The situation has to be right, and preferably with family or friends, but when the time is right. Ahhh… I collect and store it. Come to mine and you’ll get something that’s been put down and kept for 5-20 years. It really doesn’t take much money, or even space to keep wine, don’t know why more people do it.

Dali Lama – Religion, I haven’t touched on this yet, but will. Don’t worry I won’t knock on your door and ask if you’ve found Jesus, nor do I believe that he was aught but a man, but my beliefs run deep.

Disturbing – Another reversal, which is I suppose a cheat, but too bad. I have, what has been quaintly called, an even personality. I inherited this from my mum, who just sails through life loving even the hardships. I can get depressed or angry or sad, but never for long. Soon enough something outside of me will grab my interest, or peek my emotions and I’ll slip back into my calm centre.

Dirty – I’ve got a filthy mind, always thinking about sex. There’s a running porn channel in my mind, can’t shut it off (unless I’ve got the flu). Good thing is I’ve got a wife who’s got an equally dirty mind. We have fun.

Drive – Drat, at my tenth word, so this one will do double duty. I love to travel, twice I’ve packed up and gone travelling (pre LL and kids). LL loves it as well, so Pirate Pete has clocked up an impressive amount of air miles. I’m not adverse to a bit of 5 star treatment, but I’m perfectly happy sleeping on bare ground under the stars. Then my weakness, cars. I liberal at heart, the two things I spend money on are vehicles and techy toys. I have done more than my fair share keeping the worlds automotive blue collar workers employed!

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