Pride vs Terror

Pride and terror seem a very odd mix, but its pretty common as a parent. You want to see them grow and learn and achieve, but at the very same time you want them safe. A soft big fluffy duvet to swaddle them up in would do just nicely.

Take skiing for instance. When Princess graduated from the nursery slopes to go with an instructor up the hill, both LL and I were hugely proud. We hung back and took the next gondola up so we could watch. Seeing her do her nice big turns following in the duck row behind the teacher was wonderful.

Yet at the same time my heart was in my mouth. Its so steep, she’s taken a fall, is everything all right! Yet she gets up, obviously giggling, and carries on. After that moment of terror I was even more proud of her for getting up laughing.

Its the bit of parenting that is so wonderful and yet so horrible. You love them so much every achievement is your own. Equally every pain they have is felt double fold. You’d give anything, even your life to spare them harm.

Yet… Yet… Life means harm. Its unavoidable really if you’re lucky its not too much harm, and the good outweighs it. Last week was a lucky week, lots of good, lots of pride and not too much of the terror and harm.

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