In case you haven’t noticed, I love to cook. I find it immensely satisfying when my family or friends enjoy what goes on the table. I also find the act hugely stress relieving. Nothing like puttering around the kitchen to drop my blood preassure.

I think I’m a fairly good cook. You can’t always trust the compliments your get, people like to be polite, but the kids tend to keep you real. They wolf down what they like, and pick at what they don’t. They are also used to being experimented on. I tend to work at a certain dish until I get it just right and can replicate it. Most things I get OK first time, but some dishes, like Rissoto, took a bit of work. Lordy, the first time I tried that it was a bad bad thing, a glutinous mess that didn’t taste right. Not any more, I’ve got that one down just perfect.

This blog is something of an experiment for me too. You may not know it, but I trial ideas here, use it to personally see how the internet works. Not so much on blogger, but over here. Some things I expected. A few early experiments with rude posts get a huge amount of traffic. I keep meaning to do more, but it’s a bit hard to write on the train next to a respectable commuter. What did surprise me is how popular my recipies are. They don’t get comments, but they do get traffic. I seem to have a small following out there. Don’t know who they are, but whenever I post a new recipe there is a (small) flood of traffic. The blog name, kitchenboy, gets regularly googled. Who knew?

Any way, here’s a few more. Thank you for reading, but do let me know how you get on with the recipies. If it doesn’t work for you I’ll go back to the chopping board…

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