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You know the phrase, someone walks with a sway, style and grace and inevitably the words “Oh, they walk like a dancer” come out. Inevitably they have done there 10,000 hours of practice, in dance, and it just translates to their every move. I have a niece who was like that, six foot tall, did ballet throughout her young life, and just moves with every muscle in sync with each other. Liquid grace.

Well, the daughter formally known as princess, though she did do dance as a young girl, got into martial arts. She has very definately done her 10,000 hours of practice, and probably then some. Her school had a club in the sport, and the coach was, well… good. Through the school he had trained very many girls into national level athletes.

She did other sports as well, curiously, her school, though very academic, prided itself on sports success, so she did Lacrosse and Netball as well. For a while she made it on to the first teams, but then after her focus on her martial art became clear there were discussions and she dropped down to the third teams for fun.

Now she is an attractive person. I know I’m her father, so am naturally biased to think my children are paragons of intelligence, wit and beauty, but we have external references. Three times she was scouted publicly by modelling agencies. Not the, “Oh, your child is wonderful, invest in a portfolio with us and I’m your child will get contracts.” She got scouted by the household known name agencies, the ones who manage supermodels. She had the fun of going into studios, getting the whole treatment and having pictures taken. When she was finally offered a contract by one (it would have meant serious money), we sat down and talked. I was so very proud when, as a teenager, she decided no. She didn’t want others critiquing her on her weight, or skin or hair or anything really. She’d rather just live her life.

So, take all that, and the fact she is a good human being, and yes, humble, she gets taken a back when friends and acquaintances have told her they initially find her intimidating. Then they get to know her and find she’s a bit of a lovable goof. I know she rather likes it, but it still confuses her. She’s herself, how can she be intimidating?

I see it, and have tried to tell her. Yes, its her looks, and height, but it is also those 10,000 hours of training. Every muscle works in coordination with each other. Its just she doesn’t walk like a dancer. There is liquid grace, yes, but a style that is not traditionally feminine. She walks like a warrior.

I think its cool.

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    1. I make no apologies for being a proud papa 🙂 A friend on talking about her getting to the World Championships jokingly rolled her eyes and called her a classic over achiever. Very true, and the one thing this papa watches out for is burn out. Thankfully she is blessed with great friends too.

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