Then the world turns…

Hello again. I was more than a little pleased to come back and see some old friends clearly still had the blog being tracked. A good thing as I am thinking its time to blog again.

My world, well, turned… Somewhat, but not totally, to my surprise I found myself sitting across from my boss, the world hopping CEO, being told that he was structuring my function and that he did not think there was a place for me ongoing. That it had nothing to do with my obvious successes at the firm, but how he wanted something “different”. That they would be generous, but would I please just exit through the door to the left quietly.

Now, I am usually a big quietly confident man. The one everyone says is nice, and competant, and so very much in control. At that very moment I had to struggle very hard not to crumple into a heap on the floor and cry.

But I did, and managed to have a brief conversation with the friendly HR lady, who I actually do consider a friend, but clearly just then also had to be a professional. Then I stumbled downstairs, made a very poor excuse about an ill child to my PA, who I also consider a friend, and… well, just got out of there and walked… and walked… and walked a bit more.

I’m a couple weeks out of it, and life is changed, but becoming normal again. I think I’ve been more than a little numb of late, though having to deal with children’s homework, and sports, and a bit of toboganning and snow days thrown in hasn’t hurt. I am begining the interesting process of finding a new job. First time really I have been properly out of work, though redundancy had visited before.

This time though, feels very personal. Though I do understand the board room politics and maneuvering and face saving that brought me to this place, I also feel rather strongly that it is patently unfair. I am not leaving because I did a crap job, I am not really leaving because there is a fundamental restructuring of the business, I am leaving because of a failure not of my making. Pretty shit frankly.

But there we go. As I have oft told my children, life is not normally fair. Time to take that lesson to heart and move on…

More soon I think, and I shall start visiting again too

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