Hello World!

I don’t know if anyone is out there any more, but it struck me I hadn’t blogged in a very… very… long time. So, a quick update on the life and times of the boy.

1) The building works are complete! This is a bigger achievement than it sounds. Almost two years of blood sweat and tears (seriously, all three of them, in varying but multiple degrees). Still doing bits and pieces of snagging, plus continually putting the garden back in order (mind you, we were continually putting the garden back in order before the building works). However, the results are grand. We are enjoying our new enlarged house considerably.

2) I am still married (see blood sweat and tears above). I think I can even say I am still happily married.

3) The wife is fine. She was not fine for a while. Lost her job, and disappeared into working on the house for a while. Well, thought she was working on the house, but though it wouldn’t have got finished without her, it also dragged on horribly as this or that changed mid stream. However, the house is finished, and she found a new job. Thought the depression still stalks her, mostly she is fine, even happy.

4) I remain seriously and sadly busy. Need to do something about that, but job, house, wife and kids are not as in balance as I’d like them. But the mortgage needs paid, so insanely busy I remain. Work is a challenge, a boss who doesn’t entirely understand what I do. An economy which struggles to provide the revenue we need. An industry going through massive change. It just keeps it all interesting.

5) I have high blood pressure (see being sadly busy above). Never expected that, and though drugs help keep things in check I am puzzling how to make this right. Other than tired, I don’t feel ill, so just troop on.

6) The kids are happy and healthy. This, though last, is perhaps the most important point of the lot. They are having a good childhood, and have friends, and successes and learn things, and its all grand really.

So, life to date in a nutshell.

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