The 10 Things of Holiday

It was a fine fine holiday. Much merriment, solialising, kiddie time and good food was had. I’m oddly tired but revitalised. A combination of nine to ten hours a night sleep and bad beds. Various things blew up at work while I was away, so it wasn’t entirely uniterupted, but all the same I’m feeling quite refreshed. As a summary, a bloggers list:

  1. Cave spelunked. Well, it had stairs and handrails, but I had to duck a lot.
  2. Mines explored, one lead, one coal
  3. Steam Trains ridden upon. My boys are steam mad, and we had to go and see and ride every one possible. IT was my first time to the National Railway Museum in York, and it won’t be the last. Great place that
  4. Roller Coasters twisted and twirled on. Gotta love Alton Towers. Pirate Pete got right into it, even going on one that twirled him upside down. He wasn’t sure if he liked that or not. Ali Baba loved them all, of course
  5. Kite flyings. We happened upon a Kite festival. Saw some truly amazing kites. Some where 30 feet long and inflated into bears and lizards. We bought the kids some kites, and its our new best activity
  6. Walks up the hill at the cottage. More to follow on the cottage I think. It is a place of real tranquillity, I can’t even get mobile reception there. Except at the top of the hill…
  7. Work related calls. Far too much went wrong while I was away. The problem with managing a major change is that too much rests on your shoulders. Got to work harder and getting others to step up
  8. Bottles of wine consumed, or was that nine, maybe ten? Could have been more, I don’t quite remember…
  9. Mornings where I was able to sleep in past eight without a child joining us in bed. Eight!
  10. Meals with other adults present. We got to talk about adult things and be social and everything

Now its back to work. The trains where on strike this morning so it was up far too early and in the car to drive in. I’ve got a sea of emails to wade through, so this post will be short. Still, I’m back and happy.

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