The joys of jetsetting

Last Monday = London
Last Tuesday = Weisbaden
Last Wednesday = Gutersloh
Yesterday = Copenhagen
Today = Home
Tomorrow = Paris
Next Monday = Boston
Next Wednesday = Seattle
Next Saturday = Vancouver

The Boy = Exhausted

I often meet people, who on describing what I do, respond enviously that it must be nice to have such a jetsetting lifestyle. If I’m honest, there are some perks. I get to eat many interesting meals. However, I also get to eat many horrid meals (the joys of German industrial canteens), sleep in numerous different, and often uncomfortable beds, have no social life outside of forced events with business colegues who will never make the jump to being “friends”, and spend far to much time in airport security queues and badly air conditioned lounges.

Like any job, its work. One with longer hours, many very unproductive, many stolen from what should be your own time. Its necessary, technology can’t quite wipe out the value of real face time, yet its hard hard work.

So the next time you see a vapour trail high above you say a little prayer for the boy as he’s off again…

PS A free bottle of wine to the first person who gets right who I would be visiting in Gutersloh (on an honour system of NOT checking wikipedia…)

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