What to do, what to do…

Blogging fascinates me on a number of levels. There is the pure visceral pleasure of twitching the curtain, of seeing into someone else’s life. Many show a humour that gets lost in hectic lives. Some are a method of releasing angst, shouting to the world the dark secrets inside that can’t be shared in normal society. A few lift the lid on secrets of work that a known correspondent would lose his job in sharing. Then there’s the political blogs, the frustrated journalists who try to live a life they wouldn’t otherwise have. The funny thing is, almost every one falls neatly into one category or another. Humanity loves structure and norms, and bloggers, despite the truths they speak, aren’t revolutionaries. Yet I love them all, its a million monkeys banging away at the keyboards and delivering pure gold.

This blog was a bit of an experiment for me. I’ve got a higgledy piggledy mind; it jumps around on so many levels. So, in my own chaotic fashion I wanted to try to bust some of the norms, write on different things and see where it lead. It won’t make me millions in a book deal, but its been fun. The question bouncing about in my mind over the weekend though was where was it leading?

I looked back over the past ten or so posts and found more and more domestic blogging with a dash of politics. I was drifting into a norm without realising; shying away from some of the racy and work stuff I started with. So, in the spirit of democracy I espouse, a poll! If you are my one loyal reader (assuming I have one that is), vote, vote often, tell this monkey where to head next…


In the interests of my sanity, this poll has been removed. Hung by my own petard really. One of those things I always warn my staff about is clever ideas poorly executed. Ooops. I have had enough of Blogger, wilst I continue posting for the moment, I shall remove to another place shortly.

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