What the…

So Katie Price, aka glamour model Jordan, has had a baby girl. To huge press excitement she and husband Peter Andre have named her “Princess Tiáamii”. They quite carefully explained that the second name is an amalgam of each of their mother’s names.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I, like just about any heterosexual male, have noticed pictures of Jordan in passing. I can’t say her enhanced form is particularly my type, but hey, she’s nice to look at. LL and I even watched one of those fly on the wall documentaries meant to support flagging carears. She’s clearly a gutsy woman, taking no prisoners in using what’s she’s got to make a go of it. LL actually quite admired her, whilst at the same time being a bit appalled at making a living from selling nude photos of herself.

Thing is, she has no style. Its all pink ruffles, and faux statues, and in your face “Admire me or fuck off”. There’s not much more substance or depth than all that. Now she’s gone and named her daughter “Princess”. I don’t particularly care about the “Tiáamii” thing. Poor girl will be teased about it, and in later life her name will give people preconceived ideas about her, but hey.

It’s the “Princess” thing that’s got to me. I mean, if they used “Princess” as a term of endearment I wouldn’t particularly have cared. They’ve just gone and made it public and official that their daughter has been called “Princess”.

Now, even though I only called my Princess, Princess in my mind or this blog, I just can’t do it any more. I stumble over the word in my mind with a rather comic horror. I’ve had to admit to myself that yes, I am a snob. My nose is well and truly stuck in the air as I look down at other lowly human beings. I just can’t use a term about my dear beloved child that Jordan uses. Worse, I would be appalled to think someone might actually assume I use it because she has.

The horror, the horror…

So, henceforth I shall no longer refer in this blog to my daughter as “Princess”. She’ll have to live with just being my youngest Beloved. Which is not to say the two boys are not beloved, they are, absolutely. Its just not the done thing to refer to your boys as beloved. They’ll just have to remain the pirate and thief who stole my heart.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. As you were…

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