Was I away?

Back home, back at work, and within 10 minutes it felt like all that good holiday vibe was a dream. Had a good time though, went to sunny Cyprus, and mostly had sun. One rainy day, but we were sightseeing, so it wasn’t too much of a bother. Mostly we lazed around, swam, played games, and ate good food. I grew up living around Greeks, so its easily one of my favourite foods, even has comfort food status. Nothing like a big glass of white wine, bowls full of tarmasalata and tzatziki with a pile of toasted flat bread to make one chill out.

Reconnected with my kids, did a lot of talking (and other things, ehem) with my wife so as holidays go it definately qualified as a success. Was doing the resort thing, and had a few issues with that, which was not so fun, but the villa and location was supurb. Pity the pool was unheated, but that didn’t deter the kids. Shivering with blue lips and they’d still refuse to come out unless tempted by a bit of Star Wars on the telly. They are Star Wars mad my kids, but then so was I when it first came out, so no great surprises there. LL doesn’t get science fiction, but she humours us. I brought along the old BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, so she was happy too.

Now back to work…

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