We get along well with most of our neighbours. The couple across the drive are amongst our best friends. However, there is one couple that we seem to have fallen out with. They are natural complainers, planning permission for anything to change in the village, they complain. A farmer spreading manure that smells, they complain. The watercress farm using a bird scarer that bangs on the half hour, they complain. You name it, they complain.

They’ve decided to start complaining about us. Take last weekend. One of the cars has a fault, an admitadely anoying fault. The alarm has started going off randomly. Not a lot, maybe once or twice a week, yet it does go off. We run to sort it out, and its never for more than a minute at most. Hard to figure out what to do with it, electrics in cars are bloody awful to figure out, and its been in the shop once already.

Last weekend though, it went off twice in a morning. A ruddy nuicense, I know. Yet that morning, while my wife was in the kitchen, a bit of paper was pushed through the door. “YOUR ALARM HAS GONE OFF TWICE THIS MORNING. GET IT FIXED. X, Y, and Z.”

Now X and Y are the couple in question. Z is another neighbour who has just lost her husband to catastrophic cancer, I mentioned the funeral a few posts ago. She is the one we think about when the alarm goes off, and I actually had appologised when we’d been over to see her. She was surprised, said she hadn’t heard anything. She’s a lovely lady, and I really don’t want to put her out when she’s in such pain.

That just really hacked me off, using her name like that. Then we find out they’ve talked to everyone else on the drive, complaining about the alarm. I just don’t get it, are their lives really so empty that the only pleasure they get is bitching and moaning about a broken car alarm? Its really annoyed me, and quite upset LL who hates the thought of people thinking badly of her.

Such is life, I know, and in the scheme of things completely trivial, but… Grrrr…

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