Putting things off to the last minute. Its such a bad habit and one I’m more than a little guilty of myself. It seems number one son has inherited said bad habit.

He was assigned a project to get done by half term. He had to draw a picture and write a page about a Hindu God. Half term is coming up and it had to get done this weekend. We’d organised a visit to the library and he and I had done a little surfing to find some good pictures and stories. Thing is, that was weeks ago, and he’d done nothing more.

I think he was finding it all a bit daunting. He also had a lot of other home work this weekend as well as having to practice for his music boards exam on the sax. It ended up with him slumped on the floor Saturday afternoon crying about how unfair it all is. He suffers a bit from oldest sibling syndrome of having to do everything first.

Unfortunately LL lost it a bit and there was loud words and more tears. I struggle with outright anger, LL does not. Oddly it may have been cathartic for both of them. Regardless, after some dark muttering Pirate Pete buckled down.

Sunday ended up a really lovely day. Deals on behavior had been struck, birthday parties had to be gone to, and a little boy got busy with his homework. Thing is, he did a pretty good job. We discussed layout (he’s studied newspapers at school) he went through his various sources and highlighted the facts he wanted to use, did a draft then wrote out his good copy. It wasn’t bad at all.

As I was tucking him last night in he told me it had been a really nice relaxing day. Funny, he’d actually worked really hard, he just hadn’t got stressed about it. May his life so continue…

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